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Starting up a Sisterhood Community

Turning Interest Into Action

We respect that each community has different needs. The Sisterhood network operates on a flexible and autonomous platform.

In summary, community-minded, driven women form a Sisterhood Community and utilise their networks to provide support to a local charity that resonates with its members.

The Sisterhood delivers a platform that:

  • empowers women to collaborate and come together as a group to make a difference in communities throughout Australia;

  • provide opportunities to educate, inform and inspire women; and

  • allows women to make new like-minded friends and to have fun, socialise and be supported in an informal friendly environment.

  • provides the opportunity for women to assist in their local community as and when they can.

Our guiding principles include collaboration, trust and transparency. 

New Sisterhood communities will be supported by current communities to ensure that our values are upheld.

If you are interested in establishing a Sisterhood community in your area, please contact us. 

Start a Community: About Us
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